#333 @ Cosmopolitan


on Duffs Kharg:

Hair: [bade] Cesar III – [Group Gift] @ Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event
Face Tattoo: .Facade. :: Chain Break & Virago @ 100 Block
Jacket: …Scars… Print Blouson @ TMD
Hand Tattoo: .Facade. :: Ying ‘n’ Yang BLACK @ The Showroom
Pants: Urban Swagg jogging red/white – [Group Gift]
Shoes: [VALE KOER] VASIFORMS – [Group Gift]
Basket Bag: HX: Caged Basketball Bag – [Group Gift]

on Kromos Ruby:

[KD] Studio – Conker – [Coming Soon]

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Don’t forget: Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event runs every second sunday and features exclusive items and great finds!
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#322 – [KD] Toon Hero Of Time Adult

[KD] Studio – Toon Hero Of Time Adult [Only 400 L$ @ Marketplace]

Updates will arrive for this character time to time as it is not completely finished yet, as the time for it may be longer then expected so were releasing this version.

Also, there will be a Young and Adult Link pack including an transformation. For those who already have both Young and Adult Link, MUST show me them inworld in order to have the transformation pack for free.


Green Button: Activates Sword/Shield Battle Stance.

Blue Button: Deactivates Sword/Shield Battle Stance.

C Button Left: Open/Close Steping Menu with the following step types.

  • Ice
  • DeepWater
  • Water
  • Bridge
  • Wood
  • TallGrass
  • Grass
  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Stone
  • Lava
  • Carpet
  • Stomach

Heart Container:

Tap for 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 for volume control.

Tap Wardrobe to open the following tunics colours:

  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • DarkLink

NOTE* Darklink tunic does not only change his colours but also uses it’s own voice over.

Falling High:
If you fall from tall places, Adult Link will notice it, and will start screaming, if the fall isn’t very high for Adult Link, Adult Link will roll over or else, he will feel pain has he hits the ground.

Combos List:

  • Tap ↑⟵ ↓ ⟶ for Insta BlueSpinAttack!
  • Tap ↑ for NormalSlash!
  • Tap ↑↑↑ for 3 SlashComboAttack!
  • Tap C for SpinAttack!
  • Tap and hold until blue energy charge for BlueSpinAttack!
  • Tap and hold even longer for red energy charge for RedSpinAttack!

Hoping List:

  • Tap ⟶ ⟶ For SideStepRight.
  • Tap ⟵ ⟵ For SideStepLeft.
  • Tap ↓ ↓ For BackFlip.
  • Tap ↑ ↑ For Roll.

Cucco Fly:

  • Simply press F

Notice that you got two versions of the Cucco inside your inventory, use one of the following:

[KD] Cucco or [KD] CuccoOutlined

Adult Link Heart:
If you find yourself deformed, or others do so, just dettach and attach the [KD] YoungLink Heart.

Hylian Shield:
We added the Hylian Shield has it could be held on young Link. Use eather Deku, or Hylian.



on Duffs Kharg:

Ear Gauges: [Bad Unicorn] Black Ear Gauges – [Group Gift]
Jacket: *10: 4 ~ MesH ~ Bomber Jacket – [Marketplace Promo]
Pants: …Scars… Sarouel Pants @ TMD
Shoes: Brii – Basket Sneaker Deutschland 73 – [Group Gift]
Skateboard: [Bad Unicorn] Unicorn Skateboard – [Group Gift]
Beer: Hyperborea – Beer – [Marketplace Gift]

#298 – [KD] Mew Avatar Rework

[KD] Studio – Mew Avatar Rework – [Only 350 L$ @ Marketplace]

This is Mew rework, not only visually upgraded, but also improved in other aspects, here is the list:


  • From 5 -> 1 Script.
  • Triggered by chat with “/1 mb”, and added “/1 mb2” to spawn without music.
  • Changed from huge solid prim to an particle.

NOTE: Touching the bubble makes it POP


  • From Static Avatar -> 100% RiggedMesh Fanmade Avatar.
  • Improved Scripts.
  • Improved Textures.
  • Now uses a loaderbox to prevent laggy loadings on textures.


  • From 3 Poses -> True AO.
  • Typing animation improved, now uses a cute pose.


  • From only Copy -> Copy and Modify.
  • From Tiny Sculpt Avatar -> Full Mesh Avatar.


  • AO
  • Blinking Eyes
  • PKMS Mew’s Theme
  • Mew’s Sounds
  • Typing
  • Animation

#288 – [KD] Charmander Avatar Rework

[KD] Studio – Charmander Avatar Rework – [Only 350 L$ @ Marketplace]

This is Charmander rework, not only visually upgraded, but also improved in other aspects, here is the list:

  • 2 Skins
    NOTE: you must wear only one of em, if the character somehow deforms, just attach and detach the HEART it will fix the avatar.
  • Added removable outlines.
  • Added UV maps and samples/skin FULL PERM.
  • Added an AO and also cute moving sprite!
  • Added Typing animation.
  • Added moving eyes.
  • Improved blinking eyes.
  • Added random.
  • Improved fire tail particle.
  • Fireblast -> Flamethrower.

//Fireblast was just a little too much for a Charmander to handle, so we decided to change it into a proper move, Flamethrower, and made it simpler and prettier.

Flamethrower inner changes:

  • Lowered burned target from 30 secs -> 1.5 secs.
  • Lowered the volume to 50% of the original.
  • Changed mouselook -> Hud with (Flamethrower and Stop Functions) also has sound effects!
  • Huge changes to the projectile particles, changed textures, alphas, glows, etc.

#205 – [KD] Isabelle Avatar – Animal Crossing – New Leaf

[KD] Studio – Isabelle Avatar – Animal Crossing – New Leaf – [Only 350 L$ @ Marketplace]


  • AO
  • Moving Outlines
  • Huded Typer Expression Animated 7 different choices including random button!
  • Walking Rattles Sound Effect
  • Blinking Eyes
  • Fly with Lloid!
  • Falling Animated & Sound Implemented
  • Crouch & Walk Animated
  • Sitting Ground Animated (Random fruit picker, cat and pillow)
  • Pen Teleport Animated
    QuickPreview: http://i.imgur.com/VyhPN59.gif
  • Away Animation