#322 – [KD] Toon Hero Of Time Adult

[KD] Studio – Toon Hero Of Time Adult [Only 400 L$ @ Marketplace]

Updates will arrive for this character time to time as it is not completely finished yet, as the time for it may be longer then expected so were releasing this version.

Also, there will be a Young and Adult Link pack including an transformation. For those who already have both Young and Adult Link, MUST show me them inworld in order to have the transformation pack for free.


Green Button: Activates Sword/Shield Battle Stance.

Blue Button: Deactivates Sword/Shield Battle Stance.

C Button Left: Open/Close Steping Menu with the following step types.

  • Ice
  • DeepWater
  • Water
  • Bridge
  • Wood
  • TallGrass
  • Grass
  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Stone
  • Lava
  • Carpet
  • Stomach

Heart Container:

Tap for 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 for volume control.

Tap Wardrobe to open the following tunics colours:

  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • DarkLink

NOTE* Darklink tunic does not only change his colours but also uses it’s own voice over.

Falling High:
If you fall from tall places, Adult Link will notice it, and will start screaming, if the fall isn’t very high for Adult Link, Adult Link will roll over or else, he will feel pain has he hits the ground.

Combos List:

  • Tap ↑⟵ ↓ ⟶ for Insta BlueSpinAttack!
  • Tap ↑ for NormalSlash!
  • Tap ↑↑↑ for 3 SlashComboAttack!
  • Tap C for SpinAttack!
  • Tap and hold until blue energy charge for BlueSpinAttack!
  • Tap and hold even longer for red energy charge for RedSpinAttack!

Hoping List:

  • Tap ⟶ ⟶ For SideStepRight.
  • Tap ⟵ ⟵ For SideStepLeft.
  • Tap ↓ ↓ For BackFlip.
  • Tap ↑ ↑ For Roll.

Cucco Fly:

  • Simply press F

Notice that you got two versions of the Cucco inside your inventory, use one of the following:

[KD] Cucco or [KD] CuccoOutlined

Adult Link Heart:
If you find yourself deformed, or others do so, just dettach and attach the [KD] YoungLink Heart.

Hylian Shield:
We added the Hylian Shield has it could be held on young Link. Use eather Deku, or Hylian.

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